Write what you know is a sensible dictum; write what you want to find out is way more fun. The wild Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island first stirred my imagination when I was an undergrad in Bellingham, near the Canadian border. I finally got there a few weeks ago, more than four decades later, researching details for my novel-in-progress Cold Mirage. This sequel to 2019’s Nowever is set in Tofino, at the end of the road up a narrow peninsula between Clayoquot Sound and the Pacific Ocean. To go farther takes a boat or a seaplane. Beaches, rainforests, whales and bears, surfers and storm watchers––my old dream come true. 

And the tango? That was in Victoria at the beginning of our trip where, on our first return to Cafe Casablanca since 2017, we met two Australian tango dancers, Ron Fenton and Esther Zellweger––neotangoaustralia.com.au––teaching an Alternative Tango class, and joined the cafe’s usual gracious Friday night milonga dancers.

UPCOMING EVENT! On Sunday, October 20th, 2019, I’ll be reading a sneak preview of my novel-in-progress Cold Mirage at Paulina Springs Books in Sisters, Oregon. As part of the Sisters Festival of Books, I’ll be appearing along with eight other YA authors, signing copies of Nowever, and offering chances to win free copies of both books. Readings are scheduled between 11:00am and 1:00pm, with lots of other events going on over the weekend. Come join in!