Nowever by Kristina Bak

Book One in the Stevie Series


Book One in the Stevie Series


At sixteen Stevie is tortured by visions of a childhood trauma she can’t remember, and a growing awareness that she can secretly heal pain with her touch. She longs for her lost father who disappeared sailing to Australia. Betrayed by her best friend, she’s miserable at high school, too. She sets out alone on a wild quest halfway around the world and returns with shocking answers, craving normalcy, only to find terrifying complications in her own back yard.


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Please ask about ordering my books through your favorite independent bookstore. Several I particularly treasure in Oregon include Roundabout Books and Dudley’s here in Bend, and Paulina Springs Bookstore in Sisters, and of course, Powell’s City of Books in Portland.

Readers Say:

“Nowever by Kristina Bak is a multi-layered YA book … first in a series that will keep readers turning the pages until the very end. Recommended!”
– Chanticleer Book Reviews, ★★★★

“I could not put Nowever down and look forward to Stevie’s continued adventure!”
– Kella

“Nowever has to be a crossover book as it had me riveted! The ingenious plotting, the amazing descriptive quality of your writing, the wonderful characters––how do you do it? Thanks for a good read.”
– Isobel (age 92)

“This is a delightful read! I did not know how much I would enjoy it.”
– Mary

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Artist and Author of From Here to Argentina: A Tango Love Story, Nowever and Cold Mirage.

Author photos by Jill Rosell